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Staying Safe on the Water

Just because summer has passed doesn’t mean that you can’t still enjoy your vessel on the water with your friends and family. Below are some basic tips from ;Jeff Sheriff ;to help you and your passengers stay safe on the water.

The Weather Rules

It doesn’t matter if you are heading out onto the water for your only day off in the month or it’s somebody’s birthday, if the weather forecast shows bad water conditions then it’s time to replan your outing.

While the water conditions may appear fine when you are looking out at the bay, conditions can quickly and easily turn bad and put your and your passengers in unnecessary and avoidable danger. Whether you speak with your coast guard or you just check the weather online, be sure that the water conditions are in your favor before heading on to the water.

Who is in Charge?

In the event of an emergency, the last thing that you want is everybody following multiple people’s directions. Before you head out, speak with your passengers and designate one person who will be in charge during emergencies. This doesn’t have to be the driver or even the owner, it just has to be one person who knows what to do in a range of emergency situations and can direct people accordingly.

Common Emergencies

Of course, there are common emergencies which often occur, such as somebody falling overboard. While you are on the way to your destination, speak to your passengers about some common situations and have a general plan established. This can prevent situations in which multiple people are throwing a range of flotation devices which become tangled while other people all jump in the water to help at the same time.

Keep Your Vessel in Good Shape

A poorly maintained vessel is a danger in itself. Be sure that the boat you are heading out on is kept in good condition and receives regular maintenance. Even something as quick and simple as a ;synthetic oil change ;can do wonders for a boat’s engine and, in turn, your passenger safety.

A Synthetic ;Oil Change in Key Largo, FL

If you are preparing your boat for an adventure, be sure that you are only using the best products, such as ;AMSOIL’s ;Signature Series 5W-50 Synthetic Motor Oil. To find out more about this product or the range of high-quality ;AMSOIL ;engine lubricants available, ;speak with a professional ;at ;Jeff Sheriff ;by calling ;(305) 451-2147 ;and trust in their expert advice. If you prefer, check out the online store to read up on the entire range of ;AMSOIL ;products available.