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Amsoil Diesel Marine
AMSOIL Synthetic Heavy Duty Diesel & Marine Motor Oil is a premium diesel oil that provides excellent performance in all types of diesel engines where highly effective control of wear and deposits is vital. Engineered with heavy-duty dispersant/detergent additives, its Total Base Number (TBN) of 12 neutralizes acids and controls soot thickening from exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) and blow-by to protect against corrosion, cylinder bore polishing (wear), varnish and sludge deposits. AMSOIL 15W-40 Diesel Oil resists heat and breakdown better than conventional petroleum oils for long-lasting performance and protection.

Here in the Florida Keys Boating is a year round activity or business and downtime for oil changes can be costly and time consuming cutting into your fun or profits.

Using AMSOIL AME Diesel Marine OIL can help by Extending your drain intervals.

AMSOIL Synthetic Heavy Duty Diesel & Marine Motor Oil can extend drain intervals far beyond those recommended for conventional petroleum oils. Its unique synthetic formulation and long-drain additive chemistry deliver maximum engine protection, cleanliness and performance over extended drain intervals, reducing vehicle maintenance and waste-oil disposal costs.

AMSOIL AME Diesel Marine will keep you on the water longer with the added benefits of Advanced Soot and Wear Control, Maximizes fuel economy , Reduces oil consumption and emissions and excellent cold-flow properties. 
SAE 15W-40
Heavy-Duty Diesel and Marine Oil
Product Code: AMEQT-EA

SAE 75W-90 
Synthetic Marine Gear Lube 
Product Code: AGMTB-EA

Here at Sheriff Synthetics we help and service many Marine accounts including Key Dives in Islamorada, Zephyrus Sailing Charters, and Curt a Sea Charters, just to name a few.

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AMSOIL Warranty


Like our products, the AMSOIL Limited Warranty is built with an extra measure of protection. While some other oil companies guarantee their products only until you reach a specified mileage we don't place restrictions on our warranty coverage based on total vehicle miles.

We stand behind our products for as long as you use them.

AMSOIL Products Impress Engine Builder
AMSOIL Engine Masters Challenge competitor Joe Carroll, of PTS Racing Engines, in Stonewall, La., uses AMSOIL synthetic lubricants in his competition engines. But he doesn’t stop there – the performance he saw in the dyno convinced him to try AMSOIL products in some of his other vehicles, too.