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SABER® Professional Synthetic 2-Stroke Oil

Professional-use equipment takes a beating.String trimmers,mowers,backpack blowers and other equipment can run continuously in hot,wet and dirty conditions for months straight. Using low quality oil makes the situation worse. Two-Stroke oil that fails to protect against carbon causes stuck piston rings,clogged exhaust ports and plugged spark-arrestor screens. Stuck rings leads compression loss, while heavy carbon chokes off airflow.Workers in the field are left with hard-starting, poorly running equipment that lacks the power to get the job don right.

  • PREVENT piston ring sticking
  • ELIMINATE carbon deposits in the exhaust port for optimum airflow and power
  • FOUGHT engine wear for reliable operation
  • REDUCED oil cost 65%

AMSOIL Warranty


Like our products, the AMSOIL Limited Warranty is built with an extra measure of protection. While some other oil companies guarantee their products only until you reach a specified mileage we don't place restrictions on our warranty coverage based on total vehicle miles.

We stand behind our products for as long as you use them.
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AMSOIL Products Impress Engine Builder

AMSOIL Engine Masters Challenge competitor Joe Carroll, of PTS Racing Engines, in Stonewall, La., uses AMSOIL synthetic lubricants in his competition engines. But he doesn’t stop there – the performance he saw in the dyno convinced him to try AMSOIL products in some of his other vehicles, too. 
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