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Every motorist knows that their engine requires oil, but could you explain to somebody why? Further, could you explain to somebody why synthetic oil is better? This article is here to help!

When it comes to the subject of engine mechanics, most motorists know the basics, like making sure the tires are at the correct pressure or to check the level and condition of their engine fluids. However, do you know what each of the fluids does or how important it is to the operations of your vehicle? If your engine oil ran out, do you know what would happen?

How Synthetic Oil Can Benefit Your Vehicle

Below is a post from Jeff Sheriff about the importance of engine oil and why choosing an AMSOIL synthetic motor oil for your engine is the right choice.

A Cold Start

Have you ever woken up so late for work that you got dressed quickly and jumped into your car, switched on the engine, and started driving immediately? Can you remember that your car didn’t perform too well for the first few minutes of your drive? Just like you need coffee in the morning to help you and your body wake ;up and prepare yourself for the day ahead, so too does your engine need a little help getting started. Only, the help doesn’t come in the form of coffee. Instead, your engine needs oil. To be more specific, synthetic oil. During cold temperatures, conventional oil has a tendency of clumping up. When this occurs, the small spaces between your engine parts are unprotected until your engine temperatures rise enough to warm up the conventional oil and allow it to attain a consistency where it can reach hard to get to places. As you can imagine, this means that, during a cold morning start, your engine is operating without protection, not only causing engine wear but also decreasing your engine performance. Synthetic oil doesn’t suffer from this effect. Synthetic oil contains a range of high-quality additives which resits clumping in cold weather. This means that your engine remains protected, even when your vehicle is switched off and the outside temperatures drop. The result? Your engine is ready to go in the morning before you have even finished your coffee.

Increased Fuel Efficiency

Every motorist knows that the cost of gas is rising with little signs of lowering. And while there isn’t much that you can do about the cost of gas, there is much that you can do about how much you use. As your engine operates, friction builds up between each part. This friction works against you by requiring your engine to work harder just in order to keep going. High-quality AMSOIL synthetic oil helps prevent friction by coating each of your engine parts in a protective film. This protective coating promotes smooth and efficient engine operation. Instead of unprotected metal part scraping against unprotected metal part, the insides of your engine can operate smoothly and with minimal effort required, effectively reducing the amount of gas you use. Click here to buy Signature Series 0W-20 Synthetic Motor Oil and keep your engine running smoothly and efficiently. To find out more about the benefits of using AMSOIL synthetic oil, speak with an expert at Jeff Sheriff ;by calling (305) 451-2147. If you prefer, check out the online store for more information on the entire range of AMSOIL’s high-quality products.

Fewer Mechanic Visits

Taking your vehicle to a mechanic involves more than just costs. It is also about the inconvenience of needing to leave your car with them for a number of days. While there isn’t yet a product which can replace the need for regular mechanic visits, synthetic oil can help to extend the time between your mechanic appointments as a result of engine wear. In addition to the protective coating synthetic engine oil provides to improve performance and efficiency, it also works to reduce engine wear. Engine wear occurs when the parts inside your engine lose their protection and are forced to operate without sufficient lubrication. When this occurs, and as part of your engine’s operation, each of your engine parts scrapes up against each other in order to keep your engine going. ;As you can imagine, when this occurs at high speed and high temperatures, it can cause small chips and shards to be taken from each of the parts. While this process happens slowly, it's accumulative effects result in what your mechanic would describe as engine wear. However, with the protection of synthetic oil and a regular synthetic oil change, each of these parts receives the protection it needs to prevent this level of engine wear and extends the lifespan of your engine parts. For an average motorist, this means less engine damage and fewer visits to a mechanic.

A Synthetic Oil Change in Key Largo, FL

If the performance of your vehicle performance and gas usage is important to you, you can’t look past the benefits of a synthetic oil change using a high-quality AMSOIL synthetic oil. To find out more about how a synthetic oil change ;in Key Largo, FL ;can improve your vehicle performance, speak with somebody who can help. Call Jeff Sheriff ;today at (305) 451-2147 to find out more.