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Every motorcycle owner has to transport their motorcycle at some point of their riding career. There are many ways of transporting a motorcycle, but in this article by Sheriff Synthetics you can learn about some of the most common ones so you ensure you are prepared for when the time comes.

Are you planning on transporting your motorcycle? Even though motorcycles are small machines compared to other motor vehicles, transporting then can quite challenging. There are different methods you can use to safely get your motorcycle from point A to point B. If you are interested in learning about some of these methods, keep reading this article that Sheriff Synthetics in Key Largo, FL, has for you.

Motorcycle Carrier

One of the most common methods for transporting motorcycles are motorcycle carriers. A motorcycle carrier is a device that attaches to the back of your car and that allows you to place your motorcycle sideways, completely lifted of the ground. This is a very safe method your for motorcycle and has even proven to be one of the favorite towing methods by a lot of motorcycle owners. The only thing you will need to worry about is driving carefully until you reach your destination!


Using a van to transport a motorcycle is also a method that has been used by many and that can work perfectly. If you don’t own a van or don’t know anybody that can let you use theirs, there are vans you can rent to get the job done. If you want to consider using this method, you will have to pay attention to the size of the van, you wan to ensure it is big enough for your motorcycle. Also, you want to ensure you have all the tools and equipment necessary including some tow straps, a motorcycle ramp, and some materials to keep your motorcycle safe like some blankets or cardboard.

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Tow Dolly

Are you familiar with a tow dolly? A tow dolly is a strong piece of metal you can attach to the back of your car and allows you to tow different types of vehicles. A tow dolly lifts the from wheels of the vehicle, or in this case, the front wheel of your motorcycle and safely secures it to your car. This is a very practical way of transporting your motorcycle and is also very affordable compared with other methods.

Moving Truck

A very safe way to transport a motorcycle is by renting a moving truck or enclosed trailer where it can be safe and guarded agains any outside danger. Renting a moving truck is also a great option if you are short of time and need to get the job done. If the truck is not equipped with a loading ramp, you can take care of this on your own by using a wooden plank as a ramp and safely load your motorcycle.

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Shipping a Motorcycle

Are you planning on shipping your motorcycle overseas? If so, make sure you take your time and research different companies that can get the job done. It is no secret that shipping a motorcycle overseas can be expensive, but you want to ensure you hire a good and reputable company that can ensure you your motorcycle will arrive to its destination safe and sound.

Aspects to Consider before Transporting a Motorcycle

Make sure you take necessary precautions when loading your motorcycle. The loading process may seem simple but can be the perfect opportunity for your motorcycle to get damaged. Make sure the ramp is secured and firmly on the ground before trying to load the motorcycle. Also, make sure you have help when loading the motorcycle. One person should be grabbing the handlebars while the other pushes the bike from behind. This will help the process go smoothly as your motorcycle will be stable and secure.

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