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Whether you drive an automatic or manual transmission you know one thing: Your car has a transmission system. However, would you know when it needed your attention? It’s fair to that say the majority of motorists will leave the maintenance of their transmission in the hands of their mechanic. And with good reason: they aren’t mechanics! However, it’s important for all vehicle owners to know a few of the signs they can look out for which could mean they need to visit their mechanic sooner rather than later to prevent serious damage occurring.

Is Your Transmission Crying out for Your Attention?

To get you started, Jeff Sheriff has some tips below to help you identify some of the common symptoms that your transmission system needs your, or your mechanic’s attention.

A Mysterious Light on Your Dashboard

Some of the lights on your dashboard are pretty self-explanatory and you know whether it’s urgent or you have time to get to the gas station. Others can often be confusing or difficult to interpret. If you have been ignoring a mysterious light on your dash because you don’t know what it is, there’s a good chance that it’s your transmission light. While many drivers become worried about this light coming on, expecting it to cost a lot of money to repair, it’s likely that your transmission system just needs a fluid top-up. Take out your owner’s manual and compare it to the list of lights to see if it’s your transmission fluid, and how you can easily top it up.

Does Changing Your Gears Feel like a Workout?

If it feels like you need to go to the gym to build up your muscles just to change gears, it’s likely that your transmission system needs some attention. Why? Even if your car isn’t modern, gears are designed to change incredibly easy when your system is running smoothly. For this reason, if you are fighting with your gear stick each time you need to change gears, it’s time to get your mechanic to take a look. Click here to buy Manual Transmission ; Transaxle Gear Lube 75W-90 and keep your transmission system in good working order. To find out more or for help finding an alternative suited to your engine, speak with Jeff Sheriff by calling (305) 451-2147. Experts in the field of engine fluids, trust in an expert at Jeff Sheriff to get you the right engine oil for the job. If you prefer, don’t hesitate to check out the online store for even more information about the range of high-quality AMSOIL engine lubricants.

Sorry, What Did You Say? I Can’t Hear You over the Sound My Car Is Making!

If you need to raise your voice just to speak to your passengers during a gear change then there’s a fair chance that it’s time to give your transmission some TLC. However, before you get nervous, similar to the first tip, it’s likely that you just need a fluid top-up. It doesn’t matter how old your car is, if you can hear the car changing gears then there’s a problem, and it’s likely related to the lubrication of the gears themselves, meaning there isn’t enough fluid running through them to facilitate smooth gear changes. If you can hear a loud sound as you change gears, don’t ignore it, just check your transmission fluid level.

I Don’t Remember Putting the Car in Neutral!?

Have you ever been driving and then, suddenly, your car slips out of gear and you’re coasting along in neutral? Maybe it happened as you slowed down before reading a red light. If this happens once then it could just be one random occurrence. However, if it happens more than once then it’s a potential transmission system issue. You see, if your transmission fluid lines are blocked then it affects the level of consistent pressure being placed on the system. Without this pressure, it’s not uncommon for gears to simply ‘slip out’ of their placement, leaving you to wonder what happened to the gear you chose. If this is happening to you, it’s time to have your mechanic check it out.


The opposite of the above problem is the event when you are driving and suddenly you feel your car surge forward, even only slightly. If you have noticed this then it’s definitely time to get your transmission checked before more damage and problems occur. If this is happening to you, it could be that the teeth of your gears are not being picked up during its rotation, with a tooth here and there being missed and then, every random cycle, being picked up and giving you a slight boost forward.

Keep Your Engine in Good Shape with a Synthetic Oil Change in Key Largo, FL

In addition to problems with your transmission, many of your car’s issues are just a result of outdated or a low supply of the required fluid. If your engine is experiencing problems of you just want to improve the performance of your engine, AMSOIL engine fluids can help. Speak with Jeff Sheriff today at (305) 451-2147 to learn about the benefits of a synthetic oil change in Key Largo, FL and how this simple piece of engine maintenance can not only boost your engine health but also extend its lifespan.