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Unlike cars, boats give you the option to choose an engine to meet your needs. Here, Sheriff Synthetics in Key Largo shares some things you need to know about marine engines so you can pick the best one to suit your lifestyle.

Which Outboard Motor is Better for Your Boat?

Are you still debating which is the best engine for your boat? Two-stroke or four-stroke, what engine does your boat need? Sheriff Synthetics in Key Largo has some information to help you make a better decision when choosing an outboard motor for your vessel.

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What are Outboard Motors?

Let’s start with some motor basics: what is an outboard motor? An outboard motor is a detachable engine mounted on the back or on the stern of a boat. The gear case and the propeller on outboard motors are submerged underwater while operating, but they can be tilted out of the water if they’re not being used. Tilting them helps prevent corrosion and other issues that might prematurely age your engine. Outboards are ideal for both fresh and salt water. It used to be relatively simple to choose between a two stroke or a four stroke outboard motor, but with so many advances to reduce water pollution and make the engines cleaner, the task has become a bit more complicated.

2-Stroke Outboards

Two-stroke engines are lighter than four strokes. Since their construction is simpler, it’s easier to care for them. They’re also a lighter, smaller, and cheaper than four-stroke engines and provide double the horsepower for their size. However, many of them don’t usually meet the emissions standards, have lower fuel economy, and are not as long-lasting as their counterparts. Two-stroke engines require a mix of oil and fuel to lubricate all the moving parts. In 2-stroke engines, a blend of fuel and air enters the combustion chamber through the side of a cylinder, and the exhaust exits through another area in the cylinder. Previously, these engines used carburetors to control the fuel-air mix, but they weren't really efficient. Modern two-strokes use a direct fuel injection (DFI) system to regulate the fuel-air mix, improving the fuel intake and lowering the emissions. Don’t make the mistake of thinking two-stroke engines are a dying breed, they’re still plenty popular. Yes, many of these engines are disappearing because of the more demanding emissions laws, but modern DFI two-stroke motors are more environmentally friendly. If you choose to go for a two-stroke engine, you need to make sure to get the best marine engine oil possible to get more out of your motor.

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4-Stroke Outboards

Four-stroke engines work in a more complicated way than your regular two-stroke, which is why they require more maintenance. However, they are the best option when it comes to reducing emissions, getting the most out of your fuel, and running smoothly and quietly. These engines work similarly to car engines and they also have the same lubrication system. They both need frequent oil changes to keep running smoothly. Four-strokes are heavier than two-strokes with the same horsepower. Their size and weight is their main disadvantage. If you take good care of your four-stroke engine and use the right 4-stroke outboard oil, your motor will last for a long time. If you’re looking for an efficient, quiet engine to spend your days leisurely on the water, a four-stroke outboard motor is what you need. Be sure to use the correct 4-stroke outboard oil, which you can find in AMSOIL’s marine line

Consider the Size

Size really matters when it comes to marine engines. You need to consider the weight and size of your boat before finding the appropriate engine. Remember that you need to consider your usual passenger, fuel, and gear when you’re calculating your boat’s weight. You should try to stick to the max horsepower recommended for your type of vessel. If you get greedy and use a motor with a higher power than recommended, it will make your boat unsafe. On the other hand, if your boat is underpowered, your engine will need to work harder, which means it will require more frequent maintenance. You won’t get the performance results you expect, and you’ll probably consume more fuel. Manufacturers recommend a specific power package for each boat model for a reason, respect it.

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