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Whether you enjoy spring cleaning your home or not, the reality is that it’s a necessary task. However, spring cleaning isn’t limited to just your house but also includes your vehicle.

Just like your home becomes filled with a mixture of trinkets and a general mess throughout the year, so too does the same happen to your car. For this reason, it makes sense for motorists to give their vehicle the same level of attention they give to their homes during their annual spring clean.

What to Include on Your Car Spring Cleaning List

To help get you started, below are some ideas from Jeff Sheriff to help get you started.

Wheels and Tires

Despite the work they do to get you and your vehicle from A to B, your wheels and tires don’t get much consideration. This spring, take the time to give both your wheels and tires a solid clean. When cleaning your wheels and tires, look at these items:
  • Since you’re down there, how do the brakes look?
  • Can you see any build up, such as oil?
  • Search for and remove any debris from your brakes, wheels, and tires.
  • Check the condition of both your wheels and your tires, in particular, look for cracks.
  • Ensure the tire pressure is correct.

Oils and Fluids

While it’s true that your engine is responsible for keeping your vehicle moving, it wouldn’t be able to do its job without a range of fluids and oils. Without these vital fluids, such as synthetic oil, your engine would stop working. When inspecting your oils and fluids, consider these points:
  • Giving your vehicle a synthetic oil change is quick and easy and can improve your vehicle performance.
  • If you top-up throughout the year, consider flushing and replacing each fluid during your spring clean.
  • Pay attention to the cleanliness of the intake containers and tubes
  • If you spill any fluids be sure to clean it up.
  • Only use high-quality products.
  • If you have leftovers, keep them in your trunk for emergencies.
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The Interior

It’s important that you pay just as much attention to the interior and general cleanliness of your vehicle as you do to your regular engine maintenance and performance. Whoever is cleaning the vehicle, keep these tips in mind:
  • Before you can clean the car, you need to remove everything from inside, which includes the trunk and any small storage spaces.
  • Utilize your vacuum cleaner’s flexibility by reaching all the way up to where your pedals are, as these areas can accumulate debris from your shoes.
  • Use a very camp cloth to rub over any rubber seal areas to remove dust.
  • Consider washing the carpet in the trunk.
  • Remove any seat covers and wash separately.
Other than that, be sure to remember that this clean happens only once a year, so be sure to complete a thorough job.

Air Filter

It’s no surprise that your vehicle has an air filter, as you’ve likely had to pay for it to be replaced during your regular visits to the mechanic. However, what may come as a surprise is that you can replace your air filter ourself. Your owners manual or online tutorial will be the best way to locate your air filter and provide you with instructions on how you can easily remove your expired filter and replace it with a new one, without casuing damage.


Last, but certainly not least, is your battery. Just as was mentioned above in regards to your wheels and tires, your car’s battery provides a vital role. In fact, if your battery stops working then your car isn’t likely to start. A simple visual inspection will show you if there’s any reason to inspect your battery further. If you can see residue or buildup around the connection and the cables, safely clean it away and make sure that the physical condition of your battery is still good. If it looks bad, then consider replacing your battery now when it’s convenient, instead of getting stuck on the side of the road waiting.

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