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There is one thing which all motorists share in common, and that’s the need to visit a gas station once their tank becomes empty.

With gas prices showing no real signs of lowering, many motorists can start to wonder if they will need to leave their car at home and find alternate means to travel instead of using their vehicle.

Improve Your Fuel Economy

If this sounds like you or you want to reduce the amount of gas you use, Sheriff Synthetics has prepared a great post with tips which can help you to do just that.

Use Your Gears Wisely

If you have access to use your vehicle's gears, whether through a limited automatic or fully manual transmission, then this is the first place where you can lower your gas usage.
  1. When it comes time to slow down for a red light or a turn, instead of making your way through your gears and using them to slow your vehicle and bring you to a stop, take your foot off the gas pedal as soon as you know that you need to stop and use your brakes to take care of the rest.
  2. When accelerating, listen to your gears and, if you can hear them straining, instead of pushing them, change to the next gear.
Each time that you do either of the above, your RPM rises and your engine needs to work more than necessary just to start and stop your vehicle. Next time, use your brakes to slow down and enjoy a more relaxed acceleration.

Forego the Warm-Up

There was once a time when you needed to warm up your vehicle before you could drive it, to prevent engine damage. However, what this action actually does it warm up conventional engine oil to a point where it can do its job. However, this is just a waste of gas which can be avoided. Switching to synthetic oil removes the need to warm up your engine or your oil because synthetic oil retains its consistency during cold temperatures, which means that it’s ready to protect your vehicle as soon as your engine starts and doesn’t require wasting gas to warm up. Click here to buy Signature Series 0W-20 Synthetic Motor Oil and reduce your gas usage with a synthetic oil change in Key Largo. To learn more about the benefits of a synthetic oil change or to place an order, speak with an expert at Sheriff Synthetics by calling (305) 451-2147 or take a look at the online store.

Alter Your Route

If you have a range of errand which occurs regularly then there is a good chance that you can cut down your gas usage through smarter route choices and pre-planning. As an example, if you have a range of errands to complete within close proximity of each other, use a mapping service to decide:
  • What time is best to be at each place to avoid traffic.
  • Which routes can you take to limit the miles you drive?
  • Which routes reduce the amount of time you are stuck in traffic?
  • Can you park in a central place and take care of a few errands at once?
Considering the above list is a great way to reduce the amount of gas you use through a range of ways, such as reducing the number of miles you drive and preventing you from wasting gas stopped in traffic.

Air-Conditioner vs Window

When driving during hot weather, it can seem like second-nature to simply turn on the air conditioner. And while this does the job of keeping you and your passengers comfortable, it requires your engine to work harder which, in turn, uses fuel. Instead of automatically choosing your air conditioner, if you are driving around the streets at a relatively slow speed, consider opening the windows to allow air to circulate as you drive. This is a great way to reduce the temperature inside your vehicle without using extra gas. If adopting this tip, it’s important to note that the resistance which can build up when driving your vehicle on the freeway with the windows down can use more fuel that your air conditioner, so consider your driving situations first.

A Synthetic Oil Change in Key Largo

The amount of gas you use is greatly depending on the condition of your engine. To help keep your engine in good shape and improve your fuel economy, speak with a friendly expert at Sheriff Synthetics by calling (305) 451-2147. Trust in their expert advice to give you the right advice and help you find the best product for your needs.