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Trying to enjoy the hot weather doesn’t have to mean an overheated engine, it just means following a few tips.

With the weather starting to warm up, many motorists are starting to think about taking their family on a long road trip or even taking their friends out for a day at the beach. However, this is also the time when these motorists remember the time that their engine became overheated. However, driving during and enjoying the hot weather doesn’t have to mean an overheated engine. Sheriff Synthetics knows that your vehicle isn’t just convenient, it’s something which can be enjoyed, especially when the weather is hot, and has prepared a great post with tips to help you prevent your engine from overheating.

Don’t Get Stuck in Traffic

There was once a time when avoiding traffic was easier said than one. However, with modern technology, the task is much easier than you would think and can go a long way to keeping your engine cool.
  • Before heading out, check an online map service to determine any instances where you expect to become stuck in congested traffic or there are roadworks causing problems along the way. Spending an extra 10 minutes of smooth driving with a cool engine can help prevent you from spending an extra hour on the side of the road waiting for help to arrive and the steam to stop.
  • Check the weather forecast to identify when the temperatures will be at its lowest, or, at the least, low enough to give your engine a reprieve, and consider moving your errands or schedule to accommodate.

Temperature Gauge

Your temperature gauge isn’t a magic wand which causes your engine to overheat, so hoping and wishing that it will lower isn’t going to help. Instead, use your temperature gauge as an early warning device. If you are stopped in traffic and you can see your gauge rising:
  • Look at the traffic ahead and see if traffic will be moving again soon, helping to cool your engine in the process.
  • If your engine was to overheat, is there a safe place to pull over and allow your engine to cool?
If you can’t see any of these, then it’s worth considering pulling over safely now, while you have a chance, and before your engine gets too hot. This measure can help to prevent you from not only an overheated engine but also stopping an entire lane of traffic. Click here to buy Signature Series 0W-20 Synthetic Motor Oil and lower your engine’s operating temperature with the help of a synthetic oil change. For help placing an order or to find out more about the benefits of a synthetic oil change in Key Largo, speak with a friendly expert at Sheriff Synthetics by calling (305) 451-2147 or check out the online store for additional information.

Windows vs A/C

Switching on your car’s air conditioner is the easiest way to lower the temperature in your cabin and make your passengers feel more comfortable. However, each time that you flip this switch, a separate engine is called into action which puts additional strain on an already-struggling engine, causing it to overheat much faster than it would, if even at all. Instead, when the temperature inside starts to rise, lower all of your windows and allow the natural breeze to push out hot and stale air and introduce fresh new air to cool your passengers and cabin.

Managing an Overheated Engine

If you do find yourself watching steam pour from your engine while your temperature gauge tries to break through your display, it’s important to remember that there is nothing else you can do expect to safely pull over and wait for your engine to cool down. However, there are some things which you should avoid doing:
  • The radiator and its cap will be extremely hot, so avoid touching these as soon as you pull over. Not only can these items cause a burn, but the water inside will be extremely hot and pressurized, causing it to splash out and cause burns.
  • Once you have safely removed the radiator cap, resist the urge to fill it up with cold water or coolant. Instead, wait a little longer until your radiator has cooled even more. Pouring cold water into a hot radiator can cause a crack.

Keep Your Engine in Good Health with a Synthetic Oil Change

Basic maintenance such as checking and refilling your fluids and performing a regular synthetic oil change in Key Largo can go a long way to keeping your engine temperature low while driving on a hot day and improve its overall performance. To learn more or to place an order, speak with a friendly expert at Sheriff Synthetics by calling (305) 451-2147.