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Even if you don’t consider yourself to be a car enthusiast, there are just some automotive facts which are sure to wow and intrigue you.

If you were to ask your mechanic for some fun or cool car related facts, they would probably tell you information about the running of the vehicle or how it is made. And while these may seem interesting to the mechanic, they aren’t likely to impress you simply because you won’t understand them.

Learn Some Fun Facts About Motor Vehicles

Jeff Sheriff ;loves cars and has prepared the following article with some cool car facts for you to enjoy and, hopefully, be impressed by.

How Many Cars Are Made Each Year?

If you were to think about how many cars are being made each year, what would be your guess? 30 million? 40 million? Maybe even 50 million? After all, many people buy used cars so there can’t be too many new cars being produced, right?

You may be surprised to find that, ;in 2017, around 73.5 million cars were produced around the world. This includes both petrol and electric-powered vehicles. If you were to average this out, it’s around 200,000 cars being built each day! Narrowing down even more, if factories operated 24 hours a day then it’s around 8,333 cars being produced every hour.

That New Car Smell!

Even if you have only smelled it once in your lifetime, it’s a scent which everybody remembers and can often be a big driver (pardon the pun) in somebody making the decision to buy. It’s called the ‘new car smell’, and it’s the scent you notice as soon as the door of a new car opens and as you sit inside. But how do car manufacturers get their cars to smell like that?

Despite what you might think, the new car smell isn’t something which is manufactured as a fragrance. That is to say, car manufacturers don’t spray it into your car or wipe the interior down with the fragrance. Instead, the smell is a result of the volatile organic compounds coming off the new plastic and vinyl inside the vehicle. In fact, much of the enjoyment of the smell is associated with the fact that it comes with a new car. This means that, if you were to smell it before stepping into a new car for the first time, it wouldn’t be a ‘new car smell’ to you, it would just be a smell.

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Can You Drive to the Moon?

Many car enthusiasts would like to think that they have made so many improvements to their car that they could easily launch their car and drive to the moon! And while, with the current rate of technology, such a day may not be too far away, the reality is that it isn’t possible.

However, if it were, just how long would it take to get there?

If you were to drive your car straight upward at a rate of 65 mile per hour, it would take you around an hour to get into what would be considered space. That’s to say that, in about an hour, you could drive higher than a plane. However to get to the moon, it would take a little longer. Six months longer, in fact. With the distance between Earth and the Moon, if you could somehow prepare your vehicle for the journey, you would only need six months of fuel.

What Keeps Your Vehicle Going?

If you were to open the hood of your car, you likely wouldn’t see much. This is particularly true if you have a newer car where the engine is largely covered in a protective plastic casing. However, don’t let this fool you. It takes a lot of parts to get you from A to B.

How many? Would you believe 10,000? How about 20,000? Both of these seem reasonable. After all, it’s just an engine and wheels, right?

In reality, the average car is made from about 30,000 parts! Before you start to doubt, think about all of the items in your car. As an example, your air conditioning unit contains many parts under your dash to keep you and your passengers cool. The mechanisms which power your power-windows is included, as is all of the other comforts such as heated seats and power steering.

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